Our team of experts have profound experience to help your business better

Our trained support staff is at your beck and call

We don't strive to be best but reliable to server your business needs

Our process is simple and professional from getting lead to delivering product

Revclerx Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporated in 2017 with an idea of becoming a recognizable entity in the field of Information and technology. Initiated the idea with a team of five IT experts, now we are 70 strong. Every year, we are adding more team members, more clients and more work done into our portfolio. We respect our customers and we value our customer’s trust. Our team of highly ambitious fellows provide results as per the clients requirements. We never fail to impress our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop Agility, Quality, Integrity, Dedication, Credibility, Dependability, Trust Worthiness among the people whom we serve. We do not aim to be the best but reliable. We believe in word of mouth formula. Our maximum number of clients are a result of reference and we aim to continue this consistently.

Our Vision

To maintain an equilibrium in profits as well as positive feedback from people that we serve. Presenting ourselves as a never ending resource for IT related end to end services, we focus on becoming well versed with a team of highly intellectual personals.